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Throughout the years


The early days

It started with an idea. Co-founders Ariella Azogui and Marcus Hoed combine their unique knowledge of gaps in the retail delivery space and complex logistics operations and become the pioneers in the same day and next day delivery markets.


Continued growth

DutchX is the lead partner for piloting new programs and extending their reach to large clients in multiple markets.


Expanding technology & sustainable practices

DutchX develops its first in-house data collection technology and expands its carbon-neutral deliveries.


Responding to the Pandemic

DutchX is designated as an essential employer during the COVID-19 pandemic and experiences exceptional growth in its W-2 workforce and business.


Technology &
zero-emission mastery

DutchX transforms its in-house data collection technology to a proprietary operations and workforce management software and mobile app. DutchX continues its commitment to sustainability with the largest zero-emission delivery fleet in the nation.


Now and beyond

DutchX continues to expand into new markets and introduces the revolutionary Blue Highway initiative, transforming the waterways for sustainable last-mile delivery, from vessel to e-bike, straight to the customer’s doorstep.