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Blue is the New Green: Activating the Waterways for Sustainable Logistics

Apr 04, 2024

In the continually evolving landscape of delivery solutions, sustainability isn’t just an option—it’s a necessity. DutchX stands at the forefront with tech-enabled, eco-conscious solutions. Starting this year, DutchX will pilot the Blue Highway in NY/NJ, the first-ever direct waterway-to-electric-cargo-bike deliveries to consumers in the United States. This initiative will dramatically reduce the use of trucks for middle and last mile deliveries, traffic and congestion, and the negative impact of CO2 emissions.

Maritime Logistics: Unlocking Efficiency

Our Blue Highway vessel system, capable of carrying the equivalent of four 26-foot-long trucks, not only avoids traffic congestion but also expedites product delivery. Activating the maritime network, alongside DutchX’s electric cargo bikes and quads for last mile delivery, holds the potential to service all of Manhattan.  Expanding and optimizing this network is crucial. In 2018, Manhattan saw over 125,000 delivery trucks daily, a number escalating with ecommerce growth. Today, DutchX’s middle mile truck transit from New Jersey to Manhattan takes over an hour. However, by micro-containerizing parcels at a New Jersey logistics center and optimizing last mile routes, marine vessel travel makes this journey an average of 7 minutes—a 88% transit time reduction.

DutchX envisions future collaborations with maritime transportation operators to integrate hybrid or fully electric vessel models as our network expands. Our goal is to leverage the NYC Blue Highway model as a template for potential expansion throughout the Northeastern regional seaboard.

Aquatic Advantage: Ensuring Affordability

Currently, over 2 million packages are delivered daily in NYC. By leveraging marine vessels and electric cargo bikes, this approach aims to replace a substantial number of trucks and also enhance cost efficiencies by conducting sorting, containerization, and route optimization at lower-cost facilities outside Manhattan, ultimately making deliveries greener, faster, and more cost-effective. Additionally, it avoids tolls, including upcoming congestion pricing in Manhattan, and offers a potential time-saving advantage. This integration of water transport into our logistics system is a testament to our ever-growing forward approach and commitment to reducing environmental impact.

Encouraging Ecommerce Retailers to Secure A Spot in the Blue Highway Revolution

Secure your place in this powerful movement as demand is high and space is limited for our anticipated launch this summer. Embrace sustainability in your supply chain, redefine your delivery strategies, and join us in pursuing a greener future. Our commitment goes beyond delivering parcels to your end customer; it’s about nurturing a sustainable delivery ecosystem beneficial to both businesses and the environment.

As we navigate the future of logistics, DutchX remains committed to innovation, sustainability, and progress. Secure your place at bluehighway.com to revolutionize how goods traverse our bustling cities – make history with us.