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Micromobility: Shaping the Future of Sustainable Last Mile Urban Logistics

Within the complex network of contemporary urban logistics, a transformation is underway, motivated by the rising need for streamlined, eco-conscious transportation solutions. DutchX is at the front line of this historic transformation, leading by example with its sustainable, technology-driven delivery and return operations. At DutchX, we firmly believe that zero-emission vehicles and micromobility represent the […]

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Blue is the New Green: Activating the Waterways for Sustainable Logistics

In the continually evolving landscape of delivery solutions, sustainability isn’t just an option—it’s a necessity. DutchX stands at the forefront with tech-enabled, eco-conscious solutions. Starting this year, DutchX will pilot the Blue Highway in NY/NJ, the first-ever direct waterway-to-electric-cargo-bike deliveries to consumers in the United States. This initiative will dramatically reduce the use of trucks […]